Best men's wedding bands 2019 - 2020

The most important part of a wedding ceremony is the presentation of the husband's and wife's wedding bands. For men, it can be pretty mind-boggling when trying to choose from so many interesting styles and cool materials while keeping in mind the cost.

Using an online store for choosing engagements rings or matching wedding bands can help you avoid a lot of inconvenience, like avoiding talking to a sales clerk, getting a nice discount or promo for different materials. Nevertheless, using an online stores at some point can be a bit of a hassle, especially now, when there are thousands of styles and lots of materials you can choose from. There are 3 factors to consider when choosing a men's wedding band and that are the material (gold, silver, tungsten), if it can be resized and the price.

By using the three factors as a reference we've decided to share with you a list of well established wedding band brands you can buy purchase at a reasonable price taking into account the quality:

  • The best two-tone wedding band is the "Ritani 7mm Two-Tone Brushed and Beveled Wedding Ring" that has a sophisticated but classic look and feel making it comfortable to wear.
  • The best scratch-resistant wedding brand is the "Tungary Tungsten Ring" which is less expensive than gold and it will look the same as it did on your wedding day for years to come.
  • The best silicone wedding band is the "QALO Classic Silicone Ring" which is virtually indestructible and much more flexible than others making it the perfect choice when doing hard labor.
  • The best mens' wedding band for sensitive skin is "Tigrade Titanium Ring" which is a lightweight, inexpensive and hypoallergenic that promises the lowest level of allergic reaction. It's the perfect choice for people who are sensitive to other metals. 
  • The best gold wedding ring overall is "Theresa Pytell Hammered 14k Yellow Gold Band" that has applied a modern twist on a classic style. It was made with recycled gold, it has resizing available and it can be engraved.
  • The best untraditional (wood) wedding band is the "Skyline Crafts KOA Bentwood Ring" that allows for a lot of creativity making it the perfect choice for people who want a unique and distinctive ring. It's also a reasonable price making it a great conversation piece when explaining the design chosen to your friends and family. Be sure to keep it safe from water or substances that can effect wood.
  • The best platinum wedding ring is the "Blue Nile Matte Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Platinum Wedding Band" that has a modern look than gold, more durable and a reasonable price. It's an hypoallergenic metal that requires little maintenance which results in appearance improvement during long periods of time.

At the end of the day, before you start buying a mens' wedding band, be sure to use a ring sizer to measure the diameter of your finger.